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You know what your building needs. Zoned comfort, better air quality, energy efficiency, design flexibility and long-term savings. Nothing delivers them all like a Bryant® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. Through it, you can power up to 64 independent indoor units, providing precise, energy-efficient comfort control on a zone-by-zone basis with a single outdoor condenser. You can cool one area while heating the other or simply provide comfort control to only those zones that are in use. With the flexibility and performance operation of the Bryant VRF heat recovery and heat pump systems, you have the options to create the right solution for your building’s and customer needs.

What is Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Bryant VRF systems provide precise, highly efficient comfort control. The name says it all: Variable Refrigerant Flow moves refrigerant to the specific zone that needs to be heated or cooled. It’s the ultimate flexibility in HVAC; the refrigerant's flow can vary from location to location, delivering just what each zone needs. No more. No less.


VRF systems bring big benefits. And we know just how to deliver them all. Through Bryant VRF systems, a single condenser can power up to 64 independent indoor units while cooling and heating at the same time, depending on the system. This provides true zoning flexibility, total comfort control and noteworthy efficiencies.


Where can you use VRF systems? Perhaps a better question is, where can’t you? Bryant VRF systems are the perfect fit for a wide range of projects from multi-story office buildings to historic retrofits, from mixed use facilities to hotels. If the end goal is greater comfort control and efficiency, VRF is the solution.

Training & Resources

VRF offers countless benefits but installation requires training and expertise. To help, Bryant provides a certification program that focuses on installation, maintenance, service and support. To build out a complete VRF system, you need the right tools. Bryant gives you access to the software you need to guide you through your VRF project from start to finish. Here, you’ll also find a complete document search to find Bryant VRF-related documents.