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Your Bryant® heating and cooling system is an investment in your family’s comfort. With the proper care and maintenance, it will deliver reliable performance and comfort year after year. To make sure your Bryant system is always performing at its best, we recommend the following maintenance tips. Some, you can do yourself. Others, it’s best to ask your friendly and knowledgeable Bryant HVAC Contractor to perform for you. Your Bryant dealer is always happy to do Whatever It Takes® to help you maintain your system and maximize comfort.

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Replace or Clean Your Air Filter Regularly
A dirty air filter can make your system run harder, increasing your heating and cooling costs and reducing the life of the blower motor, coils and other parts. Circulating dirty air can also aggravate allergies and those with sensitive immune systems. It’s best to inspect your air filter regularly and replace it every three months. If you have pets, you may need to replace your air filter more frequently.


Take a moment to make sure you’re prepared for your Bryant® dealer’s visit. Following the below steps before your appointment will help your Bryant dealer get straight to servicing your system.

  • Know where all of the heating and cooling units are in your home.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting.
  • Check your air filter. A dirty air filter is a common cause of problems.
  • Write down the model number of all your Bryant products.
  • Be ready to explain clearly what problems you’ve had.
  • Know when your problems began.
  • Make sure the system is accessible by the dealer, including units in crawl spaces or attics.
  • Put pets in a separate room.
  • Make sure an adult (18 years or older) is home to let your dealer in.
  • Be prepared to answer the phone. Many technicians call when they’re on the way.
  • If you rent, make sure you have permission to have your system serviced.
  • If your heat pump is frozen, shut it off before the technician arrives so it’s thawed and ready for service.
  • Have information on all prior services performed on your system readily available.
  • Be prepared to make a payment to the dealer.
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What To Expect When Meeting With A Bryant Dealer

If you've scheduled an appointment with your local Bryant® dealer to come to your home to discuss new products or service your existing system, you've made a great choice. Bryant dealers are known for great service and a reputation for doing Whatever It Takes® to keep you and your family comfortable. Here's what to expect during an appointment with your Bryant dealer:

  • Your local HVAC dealer will arrive at your home at the scheduled time of your appointment. If the dealer will be late, he or she will call you in advance to let you know or reschedule.
  • When your dealer gets to your home, he or she will likely want to inspect your existing system to understand the unique details and situation of your home. In doing so, your dealer may request access to all areas of your home—from rooms to crawl spaces, attics, etc.
  • Your Bryant dealer might ask you several questions about your existing system. You may want to prepare in advance for these questions.
  • You will also likely be asked questions about your family's special heating, cooling and air quality goals and needs.
  • Once the meeting has ended, if a follow-up meeting is needed for further discussions or service, you can expect your dealer to get back in touch with you right away.
Have Your System Inspected & Cleaned Twice a Year
Contact your local Bryant dealer to schedule a clean and check. Do it once in the fall for your furnace and once in the spring for your air conditioner or heat pump . This can identify minor issues before they turn into big problems and will ensure your system stays in great running order.
ecobee by bryant smart thermostat
Add a Smart Thermostat
Ask your Bryant dealer to install a smart thermostat. An ecobee smart thermostat can help you save up to 23% on your annual heating and cooling energy costs.*
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Set Ceiling Fans to Spin in the Right Direction
Ceiling fans can help your system with air distribution. During the summer, set fans to turn counterclockwise, creating a downdraft that makes you feel cooler. During the winter, set fans to turn clockwise, creating an updraft which forces down warm air near the ceiling.
Keep 80% of Your Home’s Vents Open
To run properly, your HVAC system needs a good supply of air circulation. If you close off more than 20 percent of your home’s registers, it can put too much strain on the system. If you feel the air flow in your home isn’t right, talk with your Bryant dealer for additional comfort solutions.
To learn more about how to keep your Bryant heating and cooling system in optimal shape, talk to your local Bryant HVAC Contractor.

*Compared to a hold of 72°F. See for details.