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An easier, simpler installation

Our VRF systems require very little. There’s no need for distribution fans, water pumps and large hydronic pipes —or space-consuming maintenance rooms or service shafts. Making them easy to install, while freeing up valuable space in the building. 

If you’re working with a Bryant® VRF specialist or become one yourself, you’ll find the system is easy to control. The entire system can be run from a central location.

An energy-efficient installation

You can’t build today without making energy efficiency part of the equation. Our VRF systems improve climate control and minimize energy loss by heating and cooling different rooms at the same time. They circulate the minimum amount of refrigerant necessary to satisfy the building load and each individual zone.

Our outdoor units employ two inverter-driven compressors, and each operating sequence is rotated to balance operating hours and load distribution. This means consistent energy consumption, elimination of on/off power surges and less risk of compressor failure.

More options for more flexibility
Every building has different needs, so Bryant gives you a variety of choices. Our VRF products include a smaller equipment footprint and pipe lengths up to 3,280 feet. It’s a combination that delivers the utmost in design and re-design flexibility. Whether it’s a commercial or large residential application, a single- or multi-floor building, a new build or a retrofit, you’ll have all the options you need.
A smarter approach to comfort

Our VRF systems aren’t just comfort systems, they’re smart systems. For instance, the system automatically monitors and adjusts the flow of refrigerant to each indoor unit based on its operating condition. It computes the amount of refrigerant each indoor unit requires, and controls the flow to ensure optimal supply and comfort. 

While it’s managing all of that, Bryant VRF systems also keep track of their overall health, providing timely maintenance alerts to help you get the most out of your system.