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Bryant® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) 2-pipe systems fit a wide range of new construction and retrofit applications. Need to control heating and cooling levels by zone? Need to minimize space requirements of HVAC equipment? Whatever the variables, Bryant offers a customized solution without all the complications.
Heat Recovery Systems
A building can waste a lot of energy. Bryant heat recovery systems get it back. Using a simplified 2-pipe refrigerant system that allows for simultaneous heating and cooling, our system takes energy that might be wasted in one zone, like a lobby, and reuses it in another, like an interior conference area. It greatly boosts efficiency and green scores, making it ideal for regions with Energy Building Certification™ incentives or requirements. When it comes to the single module heat recovery outdoor unit, Bryant offers three different cabinet sizes with the largest up to 28 tons. This provides size flexibility needed at some of the industries smallest footprint.
Heat Pump Systems
When it comes to greater system efficiency and reliability, Bryant delivers. Our VRF heat pumps provide variable speed technology with multiple inverter compressors ranging from 12 tons, single module, up to 36 tons, modular systems, that connect up to 64 multiple style indoor units. With increase sizes, Bryant VRF provides the flexibility to meet the needs of any building design.
If you have a space that is too small for a standard VRF system, yet too large for residential ductless, our Single-phase system is the perfect answer. It delivers the efficiency, flexibility and control of VRF but in a smaller capacity package and lower power requirement. With Bryant VRF, you can also integrate a Single-phase with a larger heat pump and heat recovery to create one VRF system without additional controls.
Piping Flexibility
If you need design flexibility, know that Bryant VRF gives you plenty. Our total piping length is up to 3,280 feet with up to 164 feet from the outdoor to the indoor unit, making it easier to design floors with lots of small rooms or to change the design later as needed. Plus Bryant VRF offers the most versatile piping designs from ground level up to the roof, depending on the design. Don’t worry about consistent comfort. Y-shaped branching joints on the gas pipes between outdoor units ensure that refrigerant flow is equalized to each branch for enhanced system reliability.
Multiple Inverter Compressors

We use multiple inverter compressors in our outdoor units, depending on size, and that brings all sorts of benefits. By rotating the operating sequence of the outdoor units and individual compressors, we provide a balanced, consistent comfort. The inverter-driven compressors eliminate the under- or over-power usage, putting an end to on/off power surges as the system adjusts to changing demands. This also reduces the risk of compressor failure. 

Multiple inverter compressors also provide great back-up capability. If one of the compressors fails, the system will continue to operate, maintaining comfort until the faulty compressor is repaired.

Scroll Compressors
Bryant’s asymmetric design increases energy efficiency and reliability by reducing compression loss. The combination of DC inverter technology and an advanced permanent magnet DC motor makes our scroll compressors remarkably stable and robust.