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No matter what the application, our incredibly flexible Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) line is the perfect fit. Whether it’s an office building or a health center, a restored government building or a multi-use facility, our products allow for ample design choice and configurations, precise comfort control, not to mention energy and cost efficiencies.

What’s more, Bryant® VRF systems can be reconfigured for new tenants or changes in building use.

Educational Facilities
Campuses and school buildings are tough; they almost always mean a variety of different rooms with different needs, not to mention retrofits and the possibility of future expansion. Our advice? Get smart with a VRF solution that delivers flexibility and a lot of efficiency. Like a Bryant VRF system, they’re easy to use and maintain. The entire system can be controlled from a central location— perfect for a sprawling campus or a single building with a range of heating and cooling needs. Timely alerts aid in maintaining the system and keep it running at its most efficient.
Zone control and heat recovery do more than warm or cool a patient’s room. While Bryant provides patient comfort, it’s saving energy by allowing for temperature adjustments within different areas of the same facility. With Bryant VRF, it improves climate control and safeguards against cross air contamination, providing heathier air.
Historic Renovations
How do you bring a historic building up-to-date while protecting its integrity and structure? With Bryant VRF, our compact units and long refrigerant lines provide a kinder, gentler retrofit and minimize architectural disruption. As for aesthetics, we offer a wide variety of indoor units for optimal style and placement options.
VRF is comfortable. Quieter operation and individualized zoning provide huge benefits whether a room is vacant or not. Adjusting room temperatures before a guest arrives or after checkout is easy and can result in great cost savings utilizing centralized control systems.
Mixed Use 
With the versatility of VRF, it won’t be your HVAC system that prevents you from dreaming bigger or building taller. One VRF system can cover everything from your structure’s smallest workspace to its most vast spaces, like lobbies and auditoriums. And the smaller system footprint often frees up useable space for anything from extra parking to an extra floor in a high-rise.
Multi-Family Residences
Bryant VRF systems bring a multitude of benefits to multi-family properties. The precise zoning lets each tenant maintain his or her own comfort level, while making it possible for the building owner to reduce flow to unoccupied apartments or condos. In addition, VRF provides accurate, zone-by-zone energy usage reports, which makes monthly billing a breeze.
Office Buildings
If you want a successful office building, you have to maximize leasable space and then adapt that space to your tenants’ needs. Bryant VRF makes it possible. Our smaller units and longer pipe lengths mean you can add more floors, eliminate equipment rooms and open up useable square footage. They also make it easier to reconfigure a floor whenever necessary.