Geothermal Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits

Geothermal heat pumps placed in service starting in 2009 through 12/31/16 are eligible for a tax credit equal to 30 percent of their installed cost, with no maximum.

To be eligible for the tax credit, it must meet these ENERGY STAR criteria:

  • Closed-loop, water-to-air system: 17.1 EER and a minimum 3.6 COP
  • Open-loop, water-to-air system: 21.1 EER and a minimum 4.1 COP
  • Closed-loop, water-to-water system: 16.1 EER and a minimum 3.1 COP
  • Open-loop, water-to-water system: 20.1 EER and a minimum 3.5 COP

For More Information

You can find more information at

Note: this bulletin is for discussion purposes only and is general in nature. This is not to be considered tax nor legal advice. See your tax professional to determine how these credits would apply in your circumstance.

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