Product Comparison: Boilers

  Preferred BWM Boiler
Preferred™ BWM Boiler
Preferred BW9 Boiler
Preferred™ BW9 Boiler
Preferred BW 4/5 Boiler
Preferred BW 4/5 Boiler
Preferred BW3 Boiler
Preferred BW3 Boiler
Legacy BW/BS Boiler
Legacy™ BW/BS Boiler
Efficiency AFUE Up to 96 AFUE Up to 90 AFUE Up to 86.5 AFUE Up to 84.4 AFUE Up to 82.7 AFUE
Heat Rating BTUH 50,000 to 200,000 BTUH 50,000 to 200,000 BTUH 91,000 to 280,000 BTUH 42,500 to 225,000 BTUH 37,500 to 299,000 BTUH
ENERGY STAR® Check Check Check    
Gas-Fired Models Available Check Check   Check Check
Oil-Fired Models Available     Check    
Easy Access Burner Door Design     Check    
Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel Cast Aluminum Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
Electric Ignition Check Check     Check
PVC Vent Pipes Check Check      
Induced Draft Pan Check Check   Check  
Pressure Relief Valve Check Check      
Integrated boiler control Check Check Check Check Check
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