Bryant® Introduces the Next Evolution® in Home Comfort Control

Innovative Heating and Cooling System Control Offers Homeowners the Personal Touch

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 26, 2010 – Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems launched a newly redesigned control for its state-of-the-art Evolution® home heating and air conditioning system. The Evolution control features a sleek exterior design, enhanced functionality and improved set-up functions to personalize and optimize comfort and help homeowners save money. New customizable features include font and screen color options.

The new Evolution control is the brains of a Bryant Evolution comfort system, which includes a furnace, fan coil, air conditioner or heat pump, and accessories such as humidifiers and advanced air filtration products. The communicating device allows consumers to continually monitor and manage their homes' comfort levels in up to eight separate zones by regulating temperature, humidity and air quality with ease. In addition, the interface has been outfitted with a new, aesthetically pleasing door.

"The Evolution control is one of the industry's most advanced comfort system interfaces," said Tom Archer, Bryant brand manager. "When paired with an entire Bryant Evolution system, the new control gives homeowners command over their indoor environment, offering numerous personalized features."

Functionality and set up improvements also aid the installer. The new control optimizes overall static pressure measurement and auto configures by accounting for duct work and filter media type. This eliminates guesswork by the installer and enables the homeowner to receive filter change notifications based on TrueSenseTM airflow measurements regardless of filter type. Additionally, the new control offers altitude settings to modify air flow for improved comfort.

The control can monitor up to 83 diagnostic points throughout an Evolution home heating and cooling system to maximize performance and provide overall comfort 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system identifies potential issues by providing system alerts and can notify homeowners when it's time for regular service check-ups or filter replacements. Remote connectivity via a system access module mounted inside the home allows homeowners and dealers to receive real-time system status updates.

The programmable Evolution control can also help reduce heating and cooling bills compared to a conventional nonprogrammable thermostat. Features such as weekly and vacation scheduling, remote monitoring and zone temperature control allow consumers to cut their energy costs while efficiently customizing their indoor conditions.

For more information on the new Evolution control or the Bryant Evolution system, visit or contact your local Bryant dealer.

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